Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What the?

Set out on this morning's run after checking MapMyRun and decided I'd stick with the Fanno Creek Trail - I've experienced such success there of late.  Set off from the Garden Home Community Center, ran past the Frank Estate, rounded the corner, crested that little hill and BAM!  Right into the tractors and backhoes and workers.  Of course, there were four guys standing there watching the guy on the backhoe (and these guys really get paid? For standing around?  Can I get that job?)  I must admit I couldn't help feel they were snickering at my confusion. 

Oh, THAT'S what all those signs posted for the past two weeks meant when they said the trail, or that portion of it, would be closed until ''maybe mid-July", (really, that's what the sign said, maybe mid-July).  Rats.  What a perfect excuse to cut short today's run.  BUT, I've got that half-marathon clock ticking away in my head so I ran up through the neighborhood to Garden Home Road and hopped back on the trail three blocks down the road, then reversed the bob-n-weave through the neighborhood at the western end of the loop.  Still got my mileage for today, it just wasn't as scenic as on the trail.

The advantage, I'm discovering, of running through neighborhoods is one finds so many great houses.  Who knew there were so many little gems hidden off busy streets?

For those keeping track with me, three weeks and two days til Race Day.  I'm anxious about it, my knee, my hip...all those old-lady-esque complaints.  But I'll do it!

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