Monday, March 4, 2013

Lessons from February

I learned so much in February.  I learned:

it's possible (and even recommended) to enjoy a Super Bowl party without over-consuming food or alcohol.

I met an amazing man seven years ago.

Tosca is a beautiful opera.

I gave birth to a beautiful daughter who would become a devoted young mother 32 years ago.

it IS possible to pack for a week in San Francisco in less than 20 minutes and with only three pairs of shoes.

how VERY important it is to check ALL pieces of luggage to be sure one's prescription drugs aren't hidden in a deep, dark pocket of said luggage.  That would have saved the $91 spent replacing antibiotics for the sinus infection I nursed all week.

no matter how delicious it is and how long it's been since I last ate fish, eating 6 ounces of seared ahi in one evening wasn't a great idea.

why it's wise to wear flat shoes in San Francisco.

how very fun it can be to just hang out with girlfriends for a day.  On top of a double decker bus.  Without a cocktail.  (Until the Buena Vista, of course.)

my eldest sister is amazingly fit and quite an inspiration.

I have an amazing husband.  Not only does he love me every day, he loves me when I'm not taking care of him very compassionately.

my amazing husband takes VERY good care of me when I'm sick.  See how blessed I am?

upon return from the aforementioned week in San Francisco how very important it is to find and remove ALL tissues stuffed in pockets during the week with a sinus infection BEFORE washing.  No lint brush will be sufficient to remove all those bits of tissue.

While I'm certain I've forgotten at least one other, more important lesson from February, I learned I lost four pounds - in San Francisco, to boot!

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