Friday, January 25, 2013


Ok, I think it got me.  I've been saying for several weeks that, owing to my level of impatience with people who are germ-phobic or always sick, I'm certain to get sick - really sick, and soon.

I'm not sure I'd say I'm really sick, more like kinda sick.  Sick like I would go to work if I got paid for working and didn't have any sick time.  I'm just slow today.

Erin called me early this morning (which, as every mother knows, is never a good thing.)  She's on the Coast for a work event and Morgan was home with the kids and planning to meet her at the beach for a lovely evening at Salishan with his bride.  But Erin came down with whatever is going around (not nasty like the flu, just nasty like 'I have a headache and I'm all achy') and Morgan is sick now so I went to the Walsh's, fed the kids breakfast ('Nana, I want frosted Mini Wheats.  Fin gets the almond milk, Nana, here's my milk.') ((Have I shared how delightful and precocious I find my grandkids?  Especially Conor; goodness he sounds as though he's 8.)) helped Finley dress and got everyone to school.  Whatever would I have done without Conor to direct me to school? 

Poor Fin was sobbing as I left, "Nana, I don't want to go to school." Visualize great, huge tears streaming down her cheeks as she said this.  I'm sure she'll be fine - at least that's what I'm telling myself.  I'll pick them up after naps, we'll buy a present for Conor's friend who turns 5 tomorrow, we'll make pizza for dinner and Nana will curl into a little ball and sleep at 9.  My running group begins tomorrow.  Wish me luck!

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