Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Shhhh. Do you hear what I hear? The quiet?

Christmas is over.  I'm never sure how I feel about that.  In years past, roughly 20 minutes after the unwrapping began, the house has been knee-deep in wrapping paper and ribbon (realize, it takes me hours - nay, days - to accomplish said wrapping and appropriate  ribbon-ing) but this year it was Christmas at the Walsh's so the mess was in their living room.  That part was nice, although there is still glitter everywhere!

Grandkids provide all the magic and marvel that is the gift opening part of Christmas.  Conor," I'm four-and-a-half, Nana" is aware of and excited by each and every gift.  "Look, Mommy.  A Power Ranger Lego!  Look, Mommy.  Power Ranger Sheets!"  while Finley and Harper at two (pronounced by them as tee-you) are far more interested in the quantity under the tree.  As dress-up play is big right now, each of the girls received dress-up clothes.  Finley was wearing a striking one-shoulder gown set off by sequins and glitter and many layers of multi-colored tulle.  Upon opening the dress from Nana and Papa, she pulled off the one-shoulder gown and set about changing into the new frock.  Plans derailed by a tag in the dress, it was ripped from her shoulders in seconds and the one-shoulder dress was restored.  However, the dress-up shoes were a big hit.  Little bits of feather adorned the toes of said shoes and glitter besparkled the heels.  Harper, upon opening the piglet jammies Nana made, pulled off her cute little black velvet jumper and pulled on said piglet jammies - and refused to take them off.  Now, Harper had the same glitter-bedecked shoes as Finley...quite a fashion statement with piglet jammies.

This year was ever so unique in that Art and I decided not to exchange gifts as there's been no income since, what? March?   At least we have the prospect of increasing revenues for ClarkKjos in 2013.  (They would have to increase as I can't imagine things being much worse.)  Strangely, I don't feel the panic I think I should be feeling.  I really believe God has something in store for us.  I'm just not sure what that would be.  I've pointed out to Art, in my best Bogart accent, "we'll always have Mesa."  (Hasn't quite the same ring but it works, right?)

That's not to say I've not spent sleepless nights fretting, it's just that I realize my fretting won't do a thing to change what's happening in the Northwest economy.  While me having a job would stanch the fiscal hemorrhage, it wouldn't fix things.  And realistically, there is no chance I could earn as much as Art - legally, at least...(oh, who am I kidding?  Can a middle-aged woman earn even minimum wage working on 82nd Avenue?)

So on balance, I think this (lack of income) has been a good thing.  I'm learning to rely on God, I'm remembering how to live without new 'things' constantly and I'm focused more on my relationship with God and my husband.  Good things to be sure.

We've learned we have some very good friends, some acquaintences and some people who need to be removed from our circle-of-friends list.  We learned those who predicted the end of the world would occur last week were wrong - very wrong.   I learned I should have stopped celebrating at midnight once the world didn't end. It would have made for a much easier December 22.  Oy.

Thanks to all who shared such a wonderful Christmas season with us.  As Christmas fell on Tuesday this year (lame) and Art is travelling today (even more lame) there will be no Boxing Day party.  In fact, if you come over tonight, I'll let you buy me dinner.  Lucky dog!

It seems a bit late, but how often am I on time?  Besides, we should not limit 'peace on earth; good will to all' to one day, right?  So, Merry Christmas to all.