Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dare I say it? Think it?

Am I becoming a runner this late in life? I've been running, with the assistance of the Jeff Galloway Easy 5k iPhone app and along with the good folks at Foot Traffic University, consistently since February 6. I realize (all you skeptics out there) it's only just over a month but, as I understand it, the first 21 repetitions of a new habit are crucial in the formation of that new habit. Thus far, I've done group runs, solo runs, runs with strangers (a young athletic engineer - yikes) and run(s) when I was sick and probably shouldn't have run. Save for the run when I was sick, I've enjoyed them all. I've run in Portland when the rain was streaming from my face so that with each exhale I created a mini-fountain. I've now run in Arizona when I was so warm and "I worked so hard and sweat so much" I never found myself thinking 'wish I could find a bathroom'. (sorry, Daddy. I couldn't resist it.)

I've lost at least 6 pounds (and haven't found any of them!)

I find running gives me, more than just time alone, a feeling of significant accomplishment. On each run, as I near 'that' spot (you know, the one where I think I just can't lift another foot) I tell myself, "it's ok, you can quit." But then the competitive part of me takes over and says, "what are you thinking? If you quit now you still have to get home. Whaddya going to do? walk into the neighborhood?" And so I continue.

And I think I've experienced the 'runner's high' we all hear so much about. No, not the euphoric I-can-do-anything-and-run-for-5-hours high, just a generally good feeling that lasts for hours. Great fun - and Art loves it when I'm feeling good! And speaking of that wonderful man, Art is so supportive of me in this. On Sunday, when I wanted to run around Tempe Town Lake, he graciously accompanied me with a book and a cigar (and the ubiquitous cocktail in a Starbucks cup) while I did my 45 minute run. (No,I didn't make it around the lake. I got lost, lost the path and wound up...I dunno, in some industrial neighborhood. Thank you MapMyRun, I was able to plot the course I took and count the miles.)

I like this running thing. Just think, I could be one of those 92-year old nanas (I'm hopeful I'll be a greatnana by then- listen up Conor, Harper and Finley!)crossing the finish line at the Boston Marathon. Watch me on this journey!