Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring is coming!

Actually, I realize the whole 'weather-changes-every-five-minutes' thing IS spring, but today just feels like spring.  Shoot, I'd almost say it feels like summer but I don't want to overstate things too much.  It's a balmy 60 degrees on the patio where I was just sitting reading my newest cookbook.  At an estate sale today I found a copy of The Laurel's Kitchen Bread Book.  I remember seeing Laurel's Kitchen on shelves w-a-a-y back in the 70's, but they (the authors) were vegetarians and that was some crazy aberrant way of eating, at least to this farm-bred girl. 

Anyway, now that I'm fully into vegan cooking (note I didn't say a vegan lifestyle) I've been thinking I need to bake breads with whole grains.  I've found chili made with bulgur wheat tastes great and the bulgur takes on the texture of ground beef, at least if you squint and cock your head to the left.  Try it.  You'll see.

So when I saw the pristine copy of This Book with it's heretofore uncracked spine (clearly the housewife who owned it was of the same 'I'll bake bread this winter' mentality as my mother.  I don't think it ever happened for her either)  I snatched it from the shelf and noted the exhorbitant price sticker - $2!  Really?  For an almost brand-new cookbook!  Would you take $1?  I asked the apparent Woman Running the Show. She said yes!  I grabbed my book and the Krups coffee grinder (just like the two Art and I  had and surrendered to the Salvation Army because both were at least 10 years old.  Such foolishness.)  With my items tucked safely next to my chest I raced back to the car and treated myself to 20 minutes of reading about bread baking with whole grains.  Who knew it was such a very different proposition than regualr bread?  I can't wait.  Mmmmm all that heavy, whole grain goodness.  Hot.  Right from the oven.

Papa always said I should bake bread for a living.  Who knows?  Maybe I will.