Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Will we? Won't we?

Snow is Portland is such a mixed bag.  It's pretty, to be sure.  Sometimes, it's downright beautiful.  Unfortunately we have snow so seldom in P-town people forget what it's like to drive in snow.  So we have the day long onslaught of "fresh footage from your StormTracker team atop Sylvan Hill", which is usually just the most junior member of the news team stuck on a freeway overpass, either "updating live" wearing a sodden down jacket (because the storm turned out to be rain) or trying to crawl through the stranded cars to GET to the Sylvan overpass.  The fun just doesn't stop on those days.

Today, I have a list of things to accomplish - most of them at home - but because of the 'impendling blizzard' I'm making the things outside the house priority.  I'm told by local plant people I can still plant hardy flowers (pansies and primroses) because they can handle the cold.  I'll take the chance and plant pretty flowers because the entire world just seems so dreary to me today.

Back to the plant-based cooking.  Monday's Butternut Barley risotto was wonderful.    The squash carmelized in the oven, I used fresh mushroom stock to cook the barley and found it had the most delightful, dare I say toothsome,texture?  So very different from the ultimate comfort food, risotto.  Served it with olive bread I pulled out of the freezer (who knows when I baked it but it was almost as good as fresh). 

In reading through the book Jasmin gave me,"The Kind Diet" written by Alicia Silverstone, (yes, the same Alicia Silverstone of "Clueless" and "Adventures in Baby Sitting" fame) I'm thinking there are a whole bunch of reasons to give up meat.  Sorry, folks, not a one of them is philosophical or cruelty-free.  I still love veal.  I will certainly miss chicken and the occasional steak, to be sure.  But so much of what she says in re: how our bodies weren't meant to process meat is clicking...that and the weight loss benefits of a plant-based diet.  We'll see how we (I) do long-term. 

We attended a friend's funeral yesterday.  It was tough for me because Charlie is only 18 months older than I am.  Makes me all the more anxious about what the next 10 years will bring for us.  Talked with a friend there who has the same concerns.  As with Charlie, her boyfriend is a BIG drinker.  Not that there's anything inherenly wrong with drinking.  It just that...well, we all know the dangers there.  I don't need to elaborate further.  Charlie's former wife, who had remained one of his closest friends even after their divorce, died in January.  In the eulogy offered by his brother, he said Charlie truly died of a broken heart.  Sad, sad, sad day. 

BUT, in my zeal for less meat-ness, (not to be confused with meatlessness, right?) I picked over the buffet following the funeral and found those things I felt were likely to have little or no meat: spanikopita, stuffed mushrooms, vegetables.  With that and the chicken stir-fry (lots of fresh ginger, too) I feel downright healthy.

I'm still trying to find other spouses of MS patients.  Anyone have any help here?  Yes, I know I'll find spouses in the support groups we're being directed to, it's just that I'm not patient...I hate waiting for much of anything.  Maybe God is teaching me something here?  We'll see. 

I'm going to play in the snow and watch the young newscaster from Florida as she broadcasts 'live from the Sylvan overpass where the wind chill is now 2 degrees.'  Nothing like that so far but I can hope, can't I?

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