Thursday, February 24, 2011

Snow and Dr. Ornish's Chili

Not in that order necessarily but that's what's up for today. 

We woke to such pretty snowflakes this morning.  The snow was falling down, then left, then falling up (I didn't know snow could do that).  In minutes the big fluffy flakes had been replaced by teeny-tiny ones, then nothing. The sun is out now and things are beginning to melt, but as it's only 33 degrees, I don't know what will happen.

Watched a hummingbird looking for food on the neighbors house a bit ago.  The bird, all gussied up in his winter greys, was flitting from siding board to window edge (I'm sure there are technical terms for these things, but I don't know them).  By the time I had the camera ready, he was gone.  Gotta learn to have it out more often.  So many missed opportunities when I have to pull it from the closet.

Art is visiting his mother in Sacramento this weekend.  He'll take the time there to tell her of the MS diagnosis.  She seems pretty strong typically (it's that good Norwegian blood, I'm sure) but he's concerned about her as she's just finishing up radiation for breast cancer.  I'm urging him to spend as much time with his mother as he's able to at this point.  She is 83 and beginning to show signs of age.  He commented that over the past year he's become aware of her voice beginning to sound frail and old-lady-ish.  Again, more concerns of mortality for him. 

Owing to what I'm reading in The Kind Diet, I decided to make Dr. Ornish's Chili last night for dinner.  Art was at the Blazer game (such a sad thing when your team leaves the floor before the game ends) so, instead of going out, I created a big pot of hearty chili.  Seriously, no meat but with the addition of bulgur wheat I didn't even notice it.  Crazy, no?

Part of Alicia Silverstone's explanation for meatlessness is that we are not designed to eat flesh.  Our teeth are not pointed to tear meat (save for the four canines) and our molars are made for grinding plants and grain.  Interesting thought.  Also, she says, our gut doesn't have the enzymes for breaking down and digesting meat.  It all makes sense to me.  I mean, after only three days avoiding meat (am I doing this for Art or me?) I just plain feel good.  Lighter, maybe?  Not as though I've lost weight (although the thought that might happen is a pretty powerful inducement) just that I'm not weighing myself down digesting heavy stuff.  (Of course, I did have a pretty hefty dose of Pirate's Booty after dinner but, hey, that's vegetarian, right? Oh, and ice cream - definitely not a vegan treat but I added fruit so that all balances.)

There is nothing planned for dinner tonight.  Art is, as I said, gone and I'm having cocktails with a friend, assuming the snow stays gone.   Off to the airport to deliver my beloved into the caring hands of Horizon Air. 

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