Monday, February 21, 2011


All that stewing and consternation was apparently, for naught.  The grandkids came, we played, we ate, we, well, they bathed, they slept (I decided not to, just in case someone needed me, I guess).  They had fun, we had a ball and, save for the unfortunate incident in my closet, they emerged unscathed.  Maybe Art and I should have had a child after all...(just kidding).

Sweetest surprise came today in the shape of my dear friend Jasmin.  When first we met I was certain she was going to be, well, unpleasant would be a nice word (and we all know I'm not very nice, right?)   Well, I was so very wrong.  That's a gross understatement, in fact.  She is one of the most genuine people I know.  Smart, funny, compassionate - did I say she's gorgeous? - and oh-so-humble.  Well, after I took my meanderings public she responded with some very good meat-less-not-necessarily-vegan suggestions.  Then today I asked her if she was free...maybe a walk or something?  "How 'bout some stairs?" I think was what I asked.  Um, I think she was/is trying to kill me.  Maybe because of my less-than-charitable thoughts several years ago?  Who knows.  She took me up the stairs at 12th street and Cardinell.  All 179 of them.  Twice.  No, I didn't count them, (I was too busy trying to remember to breathe and keep up my end of her sprightly conversation.)  The tally comes from a brilliant, tiny volume, "The Portland Stairs Book."  I don't think Jasmin was even breathing hard.  I, on the other hand feared my lungs would catch fire.  (Oh, then we went for lunch and had a glass of wine, but still...) Next Crazy thought?  Yeah, I found myself saying "I can do that again."  And I will.  Tomorrow.

Recipe update: now that we're focusing on plant-based foods and I'm learning to cook differently, my dear, sweet husband bought a new knife for me.  Ooooh, it's a 5.5" Shun santoku's so pretty.  And can it chop vegetables.  Oh my goodness!  This meatless stuff may be fun - especially if I get new knives.

Up for tonight is Butternut Barley Risotto.  I'll post a review tomorrow.  Hmmm, maybe I should focus my ramblings on 'kind food' and our transition to same.  I'll let you know how the risotto goes; the squash is roasting at the moment; smells de-vine!

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