Monday, February 7, 2011

The fun just never stops, does it?  Just when Mack and his estranged daughter (estranged 'cause he chose me over her apparently) experience a bit of less-estrangement (ok, let's be real here, she saw him because he had presents for her) he receives an email from her saying 'this is just a courtesy email because Brandon and I were married yesterday.'  Kinda felt like a kick in the gut for him.  The question from him a moment later caused me to wonder about his mental state.  He suggested that, since we'd given money to my daughter for her wedding, we needed to give the same amount to her because, as he said, we have to keep everything fair.  I don't think we need to keep it all fair, do we?  I mean, do other parents feel compelled to give equal amounts to all children or do we give according to their needs?  Can I have some feedback here?

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