Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Eve

Never before have I 'celebrated' Thanksgiving eve.  It's always just seemed like one mad rush to get things done; you know, the bread has to be baked, pies made, the stuffing prepared, vegetables readied.  But for the last few years my eldest daughter and her husband have hosted Turkey day at their home.  While I still get to bake bread and make pies, it's a different kind of busy.  I'm not the hostess. There's nothing over which I need to stress. (Gee, sounds as though I enjoy stress, doesn't it?) 

But this year we've added a new twist.  Realizing how challenging the economy has been for all of us, and mindful of the blessings we've received, we join with our church in Mesa to observe a day-long fast today, Thanksgiving eve, to call attention to (our own and others' as well) and to focus our prayers on the number of hungry, homeless and sick among our working poor. (My personal rant this week, in light of the bitter cold weather we've experienced, has been we live in a city where dogs are fed gourmet/organic/gluten-free meals and wear coats and boots, while we have children without either food or proper clothing.  I'm now stepping off my soapbox.)  

So, we're not eating today.  Which means I'm thinking about food - a bunch.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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