Monday, November 22, 2010

Opening Comments

After much consideration, some consternation and considerable stewing, I've decided to begin blogging.  Not sure what I'm attempting to accomplish; perhaps some venting, perhaps some wisdom sharing, definitely some wisdom-getting. 
Who am I?  I'm a thrice married (twice-divorced) mother of three, wife of Wonderful Husband (we'll call him Mack here).  I acquired two adult children when I married Mack.  They will, I'm sure, provide much fodder for, I mean, blog posts. 
I have three adult children and, like every parent, my kids are perfect and have never disappointed me.  Well, perhaps I have a problem with honesty, but only in this one instance, y'know?  Frankly, I think I'm  one of the few parents I know who will admit my children mess things up - almost as often as I do.  (refer to the two divorces previously mentioned.)
Initially, when I pondered walking into the blogosphere, it was because of frustration with my husband's Starter wife (ok, that was just plain mean!  They were married for half-of-forever. I apologize.  I'm certain she's a great woman.)  Many of those struggles and issues are now resolved but I feel a need to share some of what we've learned, perhaps hoping to help others find footing in the morass that can be remarriage.
As I'm a rank beginner at this, bear with me as I explore what is here, what I might offer to the blogosphere, and how I might enrich the lives of other.  Perhaps that's my mission, my service goal in life?

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